Meet our teachers

Sean Reniers

Sean Reniers started his dancing career with ballroom dance, LA salsa, bachata and kizomba before discovering the pleasure and joy of Cuban salsa. He developed his knowledge and skills looking up to his favourite dance couples Danger & Yunaisy and Wilmer & Maria.

Having over 5 years experience in teaching, in Leuven he is known as an enthusiastic and very structured teacher spreading the fun of Cuban dance in all his classes and during the parties at Studio 31, Fiesta Cubana or Café Manger. His students also know he likes Tripel Karmeliet and Cuba Libre.

He is one of the founders of Cuban Salsa Leuven and teaching most of the salsa partnerwork and rueda classes. Also, he is a certified Son Moderno teacher by Danger & Yunaisy.

Reka Kaan

Réka Kaán

KAtrin Londova

Katrin was born in Czech Republic. Since her childhood she has felt the love for music and dance. She has been trained in many styles of dance including ballroom dance, bachata, reggaeton, hip hop, LA salsa and Son Moderno. While in college Katrin discovered Cuban salsa and fell for the nice atmosphre in this dance and music. Her new found love of Cuban salsa le her to seek out Cuban dance masters as she travelled to Barcelona where she followed intensive courses of Son Moderno with Danger & Yunaisy.

Katrin is an energetic, strong and charismatic dancer who can dance as a leader and as a follower. If you get the chance to attend her classes, don't miss it!

Annalisa Zecchin

Annalisa started her journey into Afrocuban dances and Cuban folklore in 2003, when she got captivated by the rhythms, the musicality and the unique tradition of the Cuban culture. Since then, she embarqued in a never-ending adventure of nearly 20 years, studying dance, percussion and singing with the most influential artists and teachers in Cuba and around Europe. Over the years, she performed on stage with several groups, and she have been teaching Cuban dances, such as Salsa, Son, Rumba, and Afrocuban dances, both in Italy and in Belgium.

Her dance is informed as well with elements of afro and afro-contemporary dance, tango, contact improvisation, dance acrobatics. Her goal when teaching is to transmit to the students the richness of the Cuban dance traditions, and to help them find their own style, to be able to create a magic connection with themselves, the music and their dancing partners.

Annalisa teaches the lady style classes, and all the ladies are totally in love with her!

Edel Pozo Paizan

Our newest male teacher is a very experienced Cuban dancer and teacher who started dancing at the age of 13. When he was 15, he joined the Ikache dance academy in Santiago de Cuba for a training in Afro-Cuban dances. After 5 year of academic traini,g he joined the Ballet Folklorico de Oriente in Cuba.

Edel has been teaching for many years in different countries like Cuba, France, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He enjoys spreading the rich Cuban dance culture in his classes!

If you are familiar in the Belgian salsa scene, you will probably know him already and his great energy and enthusiasm will be familiar to you! We are very proud to have him in the team: prepare for positive energy in the classes!

Evelyne Creemers

Our teacher is an experienced Cuban dancer and teacher who was in the Ballet Folklorico de Oriente in Cuba and who has been teaching for many years in different countries in Europe. If you are familiar in the Belgian salsa scene, you will probably know him already and his great energy and enthusiasm will be familiar to you!

He will teach in our school regularly on Fridays.

Katherine Quezada

Katherine Quezada

Laura Tuytschaever

Always cheerful Laura took her first salsa steps in the Beginners 1 series at Cuban Salsa Leuven. We are very proud to say that she is a product from our school! She was immediately captivated by the dance and never let go of this passion. Laura's enthusiasm and love for salsa even extend beyond borders, taking her to salsa festivals in Germany, Spain, Hungary, and Greece. Even during her six-month Erasmus exchange in Berlin, she couldn't resist and continued taking lessons with Ido Flaishon at La Candela dance school.Laura is looking forward to spreading her enthusiasm for salsa to everyone she meets!

Baby Yoda

Meet Baby Yoda, our newest (and tiniest) addition to the Cuban Salsa Leuven team! With his mysterious Force powers and irresistible cuteness, we thought his cute picture on our website might attract more students ;-)

Although he's not exactly teaching classes - he’s more into levitating things and sipping soup in his little hover pram - his presence adds a touch of magic to our dance floor. Baby Yoda loves the rhythms of Cuban salsa, often seen bobbing his head to the beat and occasionally trying to use the Force to master the perfect dance moves. While he might not help you perfect your dance moves, he's always here to remind us to enjoy the moment and have fun. And if you ever feel a bit of the Dark Side creeping in during a tricky routine, just look at Baby Yoda for some light-hearted inspiration.

May the salsa be with you!

Oh and... a good dance school doens't take itself too serious, so neither do we! ;-)