Sean Reniers started his dancing career with ballroom dance, LA salsa, bachata and kizomba before discovering the pleasure and joy of Cuban salsa. He developed his knowledge and skills looking up to his favourite dance couples Danger & Yunaisy and Wilmer & Maria.

In Leuven he is known as an enthusiastic and very structured teacher spreading the fun of Cuban dance in all his classes and during all the parties at Café Manger. His students also know he likes Tripel Karmeliet and Cuba Libre. After the classes, you can find him easily in ViaVia, having drinks together with the students!

Also, he is a certified Son Moderno teacher by Danger & Yunaisy.


Katrin was born in Czech Republic. Since her childhood she has felt the love for music and dance. She has been trained in many styles of dance including ballroom dance, bachata, reggaeton, hip hop, LA salsa and Son Moderno. While in college Katrin discovered Cuban salsa and fell for the nice atmosphere in this dance and music. Her new found love of Cuban salsa led her to seek out Cuban dance masters as she travelled to Barcelona where she followed intensive courses of Son Moderno with Danger & Yunaisy.

Katrin is an energetic, strong and charismatic dancer. If you get the chance to attend her classes, don’t miss it!


Tinne went to her first dance class at the age of 4 and dancing has been an important part of her life since then. Out of school hours she had a full agenda following Street dance, Show dance, Jazz dance and Contemporary dance classes.

At the age of 18, student life made her discover the world of Latin dancing in the city of Leuven. You could find her practicing her Salsa LA moves in Café Manger, while her law books were waiting for her at home. After a few years of salsa classes, she also dedicated time to learning Bachata.

She re-discovered the fun of salsa dancing by joining Cuban Salsa Leuven in 2021 which lead to her passion for all Cuban dances and music!

You probably know Tinne already as a joyful and empathic teacher, but did you know she also makes sure the social media of our school looks great? If you see a nice post, video or story appearing, it was probably created by her!


This inspiring dancer and teacher used to be a member of the HipHop scene before his interest turned to Latin social dances. Before specializing in Cuban salsa, Manith has been dancing LA salsa, bachata, and kizomba. Currently his passion lies in Afro-Cuban tradition of dance and music

Manith is also teaching in Camina Dance School in Brussels – one of the best Cuban salsa schools in Belgium. In his dancing, Manith is inspired by the soul of Camina Nico Siriany, and he also draws inspiration from other great artists such as Tatiana Galibus, Alberto Valdes, Pedrito and Giusy, Wilmer and Maria.