The first 100% Cuban salsa dance school in Leuven! 

It is the only dance school in Leuven dedicated exclusively to Cuban dances and committed to teaching authentic Cuban salsa. Salsa is not only the steps: it is a specific way of movement, it is the culture and the history of Cuba, and – most importantly! – it is learning to enjoy and lose yourself in the dance. We believe that everyone can experience the pleasure of dancing Cuban salsa and we promise to help!



Here you can find our FAQ, where we try to answer all of your questions. 


Q.      I don't have a dance partner. Where can I find a dance partner?

Let us know if you have a dance partner! If you don't, we'll find a dance partner for you!

Q.      What makes Cuban Salsa/Salsa Cubana different from other Salsa styles?

Cuban style salsa differs from the north american salsa styles in that it is ‘circular’ rather than linear. The man constantly moves around the woman in a circular dynamic, checking her out and showing her off. Exhibala! Cuban dancers have a lot of fun at these times – they pull back from a close embrace and launch into rhythmic middle body shudders and amazing buttock trembles all movements derived from afro-cuban rumba

Q.      I never learned any dance before, can I still enrol in your classes?

It is true that previous dancing experience can help you learn new movements a little bit quicker. But don’t worry! In our beginner classes, we will start at the very beginning and adjust the teaching to the capabilities of the students. We will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of the figures and body movement, we will enable you enough time to grasp how to move and we will help you with corrections along the way. Everyone can become a confident dancer with a little bit of practice ;)


Q.     What level should I choose?

If you have previous experience with Cuban Salsa and related dances, you can contact us and we’ll figure out together which level would be optimal for you. At your first attendance in class, the teacher we’ll see how skilled you are in your movement and decide if you should stay at that level or move to another level.


Q.      Why choose Cuban Salsa Leuven?

We are the only school in Leuven that is focused entirely on teaching the dances that originated from Cuba and we are very passionate about the Cuban culture. We are therefore determined to provide you with the best Cuban dance experience. We don’t only focus on teaching you the correct steps/figures that every dancer knows. We believe that dance is so much more than that. We also teach you the meaning that is hidden behind certain moves and how they are connected with Cuban history and culture. We teach you about various Afro-Cuban dances and elements that can be incorporated in salsa to make it more dynamic and fun to watch and dance. We teach you how to listen to music and become one with it. We teach you how to communicate with the partner and add flavour to your movements. But most importantly, our ultimate goal is to help you become confident in your movement, fall in love with the dance and express yourself through it.

Q.      Is dancing in a couple only reserved for a man and a woman?

No, not at all! In most of the cases, the man is dancing the leader steps and the woman is responding with follower steps. But since we live in the twenty-first century and in an open-minded society, the leading and the following role is not strictly linked to gender anymore. Anyone can be the leader or the follower in a couple and couples don’t have to be mixed! The only rule is that you dance the steps you are most comfortable in.

Q.      Who usually dances Cuban salsa? I feel I might be too young/old for it and won’t fit in. 

It is a common misconception that only a particular type of people might be interested in the dance. Cuban salsa is appropriate for EVERYBODY. The dance community is very diverse, full of people of different ages, sexes, nationalities and professions. You’ll always find like-minded people at dance classes and parties. It is not uncommon to find best friends or even life partners within the dance community!